Power Struggle

One afternoon last week, the power went out.  Even though it was the afternoon, I was just starting my day.  I had just poured a bowl of cereal, sat down on the couch and grabbed the remote to watch some TV while I scarf down my Kashi rocks.  The second I sat down, BeeezOoOOOp everything goes off (that is the sound of everything turning off at once).  Now what, I thought?

Kashi is very loud when there is nothing else going on to distract you from the health nuggets grinding around in your face hole.

After I ate my cereal I thought "well, I can go to the gym."  No, I can't, because it's in the same building and the power is going to be out there too and the machines won't work.  I go through a mental list of things I don't do often and can now catch up on since I won't have the TV or internet distracting me. These include:
Play a little Enya while you're at it.
In order to go somewhere else, I'd need to shower first.  There's no window in my bathroom.  I set up a stool with a bunch of candles on it and took a shower by candlelight.   Sounds romantic, right?  It was actually kind of nice, I'm not going to lie.  It made it more relaxing and like a little treat.  I keep my candle stool in there now to do this more often.  Sounds dumb, but it's just a little thing to make my day feel a little more indulgent. 

By the time I got out of the shower, the power was back on and I could go back to procrastination as usual.  The power was out for 40 minutes max, but it felt like eternity.  I live in SOCIETY and expect things like electricity, running water and mindless entertainment. For those 40 minutes, I might as well have lived in a shack in the mountains.  This is why I will never go camping.