In Yo Face.

I like my makeup to be hassle-free and idiot proof.  For this reason, I used Bare Minerals for a while.  All I had to do was swipe some stuff on my face and go.  It's a good product but didn't always give me the kind of coverage I really wanted.

I'm very susceptible to commercials on TV.  I am everyone's target audience.  You make a good enough commercial, I'll buy your stuff, no lie.  Food, makeup, cat litter, and food again.  I am often heard saying "I want to buy the makeup that Drew Barrymore had in that commercial."  Or last week in Target "Let's buy that new cat litter.  I can't remember the name, but it had green on the label."

My "Summer Makeup" I'd been using was Neutrogena Clear Skin foundation, concealer and powder.  The slightly off-white color that I'd accumulated over the summer (other people get tan... I just get slightly less transparent looking) had worn off and my makeup did not look right on my skin anymore so I got my coupons and headed to Walgreens, my favorite place to buy cosmetics.

I'd seen this commercial recently, so in the back of my head I knew there was a new makeup out there and all I had to do was remember which one it was I needed to buy...

Literally all I remembered at the store was "new makeup" "somehow better than other makeup."  I got the 115 for my foundation and the 120 for my powder.  Here is a photo of my daily use makeup thingees:

My face after makeup time.
This includes Fit Me Foundation in 115, Fit Me Pressed Powder in 120, Maybelline Falsies Mascara, a lip gloss from Sephora I got for free with my rewards points and Essence Blush (courtesy of Kizzy!)  All in all, I really like my new makeup.  It is light and looks natural and not cakey or over-done.  It lets my skin look young the way I want... I'd definitely buy this foundation again, so they better not stop selling it.