I'm Nadine and I Support This Message.

Rick Perry is a turd smoothie.

First... this video...

This Brokeback-looking-yet-gay-hating retard wants to be president.  President of this country!  Not president of his turtle aficionado club, PRESIDENT of the best country ever.  I do not understand this country anymore!  How has Republican, which though I'm NOT, I can see their side of their beliefs... have morphed into this douche carnival of human filth?  None of these candidates are worthy of running for president!

"gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can't openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school."

What the fuck is wrong with you?  First of all, Christians and Christmas are not the center of the whole world let alone even this stupid country that have people thinking there is a "war on Christmas" led by our Commander in Chief.  Since when are kids not openly celebrating Christmas?  When did the have to start Anne Franking their trees, stockings and piles of gifts?  I'll tell you what - I'll know the WAR ON CHRISTMAS is over and we've defeated those Christians when there is no more Black Friday.  Giftmas alone is responsible for the highest grossing day of retail sales.

Rick Perry, and any other bumbaclot who feels their precious Christmas is being shat upon by the liberals, Muslims and Anderson Cooper, let me explain this:

So in conclusion, Merry Christmas and a Happy Fuck Rick Perry to you all!

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