TV Confession: I don't know what's going on

There's TV shows that I watch and get really invested in and attached to.  Breaking Bad.  Dexter.  Grey's Anatomy.  These are my jams.  There's TV shows that I watch and like but don't get too invested in because the plots aren't too complicated.  New Girl, Girls, Kardashians, Modern Family.

But then there are other shows that I am somehow really into yet have no idea what is going on.

Game of Thrones.  Boardwalk Empire.

I will watch these every week with my boyfriend and in the moment I will be shocked by whatever is happening, or momentarily intrigued, but rest assured:  I have no fucking clue what is going on at all.

If you ask me about these shows, I will seem like a fan who is really into them, but I don't know what's happening!  I don't know!  In Boardwalk, there's mobsters and killing.  In Game of Thrones, there's dragons and killing and HELLA SEX.  That's about it, that's all I can tell you.  I like these shows the way people like pretty things.

To be honest though, every single time I watch Thrones, there is a new character.  I cannot keep up with a cast of 100 people.  There are just too many damn people on that show.

On Boardwalk, everyone vaguely looks the same to me.  Except for half-face man.  And the other guy who used to be on the prohibition squad.  I can't keep track of all the characters because they all look vaguely old-timey and nefarious.

In conclusion, I wish Friends and Seinfeld would come back.